Develop is proud to have become the first EBP in the UK to be awarded the Quality in Careers Standard by licensed awarding body Career Mark. This award confirms Develop’s commitment to developing and supporting best practice in careers education, advice and guidance within schools.

The award is earned by meeting the standards outlined in the Career Mark framework and is validated by the Quality in Careers Standards Board (QICS). A re-validation process every two years assures continuity of those standards.

Career Mark Flow Chart

For schools and providers to gain the award, 5 components of the standard are assessed. Within each component, a number of ‘assessment indicators’ (listed below), clearly present the individual elements involved, so school staff are able to identify exactly what’s needed to meet the requirements:


Measures the effectiveness of your systems for planning, managing and integrating Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).


Measures the effectiveness of your integrated programme of advice, guidance and support.


Measures how effectively your curriculum supports the development of learners’ knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes.


Measures the accessibility, relevance, importance and effectiveness of the information provided to learners plus their acquisition of skills to research and evaluate – the process that ultimately enables the learners to make well informed and realistic career decisions.

Learner Outcomes

Evaluates your learners’ knowledge, competence and attitudes towards career planning. This is the only award that actually involved the students in the assessment process.


For more information about how Develop achieved the Careers Mark, please contact Jo Barnett on 01525 408080 or contact us

Every education provider is preparing students for work. Develop are proud to have been recognised for our positive CEIAG as an essential component of our students’ education.

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