Customer Service

Customer Service


Do you enjoy talking to people and helping them with what they need? If you do, Customer Service may be the perfect introductory course for you.

This vocational qualification will give you the opportunity to learn and use all the basic skills needed to work and succeed within the customer service sector.

Course Description

The Customer Service qualification will provide you with the skills and the confidence required to work in a customer service role for a wide range of different employers.

You will learn communication skills, the best way to deal with different types of customers, how to maintain a positive, customer-friendly attitude, how to deal effectively with incoming telephone calls from customers and how to deliver the best outcome for the customers and your employer.

The course also ensures you have a good knowledge of the rules and regulations that guide good customer service.

Entry requirements

If you are still at school you need to be aged between 14-16 years.

If you have left school, you must be aged between 16-18 to start a Study Programme. There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification but you will be given an informal interview.

Course start dates are flexible.


Before you are awarded your Level 1 Certificate in Customer services, your achievements are assessed during a work placement or in a simulated workplace environment. You will also be asked to deliver a portfolio of observations and evidence of the work you have done.

Course length

This course is delivered over one full year.


What can I do next? Apply for a Customer Service Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship or a Level 2 Vocational course that will include Customer Service.

Relevant types of employment include: Contact Centre Operator, General Receptionist, Garage Receptionist, Shop Assistant, Waiter/Waitress, Concierge in a hotel.

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