Like It, Live It!

Like It, Live It!

Work Skills

Develop are working in partnership with Children in Need and have been funded to deliver a project, Like It, Live It! for young people aged 16-18 years of age, who are not in training, education or work. This will be our second year of running this project, the first year was a great success, with 100% of the learners progressing into education, training or employment.

Like It, Live It! is a 9 week programme of exciting and engaging activities specifically designed to assist young people who may lack in confidence, have a low self-esteem or need assistance to progress into education or training.  Participants will need to attend two days a week and the programme also includes a five day residential visit to a farm, providing a unique experience of activities.  It challenges, encourages and provides support for young people to learn in a way that suits their style of learning so that they can gain the most from each session. Tutors strive to make sessions proactive for students to take part in team building exercises, reflect on what skills they have learnt during the activity and how these skills transfer into employment.

We are currently recruiting for our next course starting in June 2019, if you think you may know of any young person who may be interested, please let me know so that we can invite them to our ‘Find out more’ event.

For more information see the Like It! Live It! flyer.

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