If you, as a school, would like help to link up with a local employer to help with your CEIAG within school, then please do not hesitate to give us call.

We currently work with employers on a number of programmes, click on the links below to find out more about the programmes.

Work Experience – Develop provides a placement and surety service for parents, schools, colleges and alternative learning providers across Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes from our database of approved companies.

Careers Inspiration in School – We work with schools to forge a link with a local employer and embed employability skills into the school curriculum.  Students on this programme have visited employer premises to take part in hands on activities to show how their subjects relate to the world of work.  They were also given a presentation on the careers available within the industry, with career paths and entry requirements.  Employers have also delivered workshops on school premises.

Connect – The Connect programme has been designed by Develop in partnership with London Luton Airport. Using feedback and needs analysis from airport employers and the local authorities, Develop has put together a soft skills programme with the focus on developing a pipeline of informed young people ready for their first entry into the labour market

Jump Start Mentoring Programme – Become involved in a 7 week mentoring programme for students at selected schools.  Develop are working with Reactiv8 and SSG to deliver the Careers Enterprise Company funded Mentoring Programme in a limited number of schools across Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. This programme extends our already successful mentoring delivery in a number of schools across the region.

Crack The App– Crack the App is funded by Milton Keynes Council through Milton Keynes College. Develop designed and delivered a workshop aimed at helping students consider an apprenticeship as a potential progression opportunity post 16.

For further details contact Denise Moreau on 01525 408098, or email: moreaud@developebp.co.uk

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